Thinking Good, Thinking Green, Thinking Global

Thinking G is a clothing brand on a mission: to be the best for our customers, suppliers and the planet. We are of the opinion that if we can do it better and kinder, we will.

Designed in Paris and developed in Lisbon, Thinking G offers handmade pieces using luxury brands’ and clothing manufacturers’ yarn surplus. Our goal is to create unique long lasting garments and at the same time to help other brands to approach zero waste production.

Carefully considered at every step and never rushed, each piece and each detail is of the highest quality, ready to last and be loved for more than a lifetime.

 “Our dream goal would be achieved if the relaxed and laid-back feel of our creations and genuine values behind them could help our customers to slow down, reconnect with their priorities and stay aligned to them.”

In addition to our catalogue, we poste our digital mood board that inspires us and influences our aesthetic.

We hope you’ll be inspired too.